What if I have no experience?
Partly because of how we work in a niche industry, most employees start with no experience. Experienced employees at the company understand the worries that come with inexperience and are therefore able to teach new employees from square one. In addition, O&K provides OJT for new employees according to a unique curriculum, and we provide our full support until they are able to work on their own.
What is the average age of employees?
On-site staff are mainly in their twenties to forties. O&K provides a work environment where employees can continue to work for a long time. There are even staff members who work part-time after retirement.
Can I still apply without the necessary qualifications?
Slinging, lift, and crane work require operators to have qualifications, but those can be obtained after joining the company. O&K also has employees obtain a Crane Operator license depending on the department. This license is obtained in accordance with our own training curriculum, and the company is responsible for all expenses.
Holders of the Type III Chief Electrical Engineer Certification on the Maintenance Team—who maintain and manage electrical facilities—are rewarded with a qualification allowance.
Do you provide equal opportunities for men and women?
Yes. We are an equal opportunities employer. We have a wide range of occupations such as staff in the Quality Assurance Department, the Inspection Team, the Die Team, and so on.