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We have achieved a stable supply of cold heading steel wire.

O&K has repeatedly made efforts to provide the high-quality products by utilizing our expertise.
We have established our position as an industry leader by developing computer-based processes and quality control systems,

and our own automatic line control systems. But we are never satisfied and are always looking ahead.

Cold heading steel wire
Processed at room temperature, cold heading steel wire is used to manufacture automobile parts and more.
Many parts manufacturers use O&K’s cold heading steel wire because of its low material loss and high strength. We process the wire using our own unique processes based on technologies gained over the years to the desired strength and diameter tailored to customer needs.
Manufacturers must have flexible ideas and always be one step ahead of customer needs. O&K never stays idle after our products move to the next stage of the manufacturing process. We understand people’s everyday lives, and aim to contribute to society through cutting-edge technology and quality.

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