OUR THOUGHTS Unique capabilities of the O&K team

Time and creative thinking throughout our 100-year history have allowed us to refine our world-leading technical capabilities in cold heading wire.
The manufacturing industry demands that we always look ahead using flexible approach and actions that go beyond current needs.
Using proven cutting-edge technologies and quality, we are always concerned with people’s everyday lives.

Specialized in cold heading steel wire.
We manufacture cold heading wire, the material used to manufacture screws, nuts, bolts, and other parts.
Cold heading—which is possible at room temperature—is a manufacturing process with a number of benefits, including less material loss and high accuracy. Specializing in cold heading wire, we have supported the development of automobiles as well as a number of other fields.

Aiming for global production and supply
Together with the expansion of the global market, O&K has quickly developed a worldwide supply system. We expanded into the USA in the 1980s with our base in Chicago, Illinois. We also established our second plant in Seymour, Indiana, in 2010, and a joint venture in Mexico in 2015.
In Southeast Asia, we established a joint venture in Thailand, the base for the largest automotive industry in the region. For over twenty years, we have produced and supplied materials locally.
O&K also transports full container loads (FCL) directly from Japan to Europe, China, and other areas of the world.
Chicago, the city of iron
Bangkok, Thailand, home to incredible development

Extending the O&K quality guarantee to transportation.
A leader within the industry, O&K acquired AEO certification for Authorized Exporters and established the industry’s first door-to-door delivery system (from our plant to a customer’s site). O&K guarantees safety and quality, and we load the containers ourselves. We believe that the process of transporting products overseas is just one area of quality assurance. We have therefore created an integrated quality assurance system that allows us to trace everything, from materials to deliveries to customers overseas.
Osaka Plant export shipping yard
Finished goods are loaded directly into containers.

What a disaster-prone country can do.
O&K has three plants in Japan— Osaka, Nagoya, and Gunma. Exports leave from Osaka and Gunma. Japan is a country that faces a number of natural disasters, and this is why we have created a stable supply system.
We work day and night to meet demands for quality from both overseas and domestic customers, utilizing our experience and cutting-edge technologies.

Looking ahead to the next 100 years.
We have been in business for almost 100 years, and this history has been a process of belief, dedication, and passion in the pursuit of the ultimate wire.
With the rapid globalization of the world, we continue to deliver high-quality wire using our wide-ranging technological capabilities to propose optimum solutions as we look ahead to the next 100 years.