Infinite potential exploited
by our team


Think Beyond Impossible

100 years of continuous support for daily life
Our company is a highly specialized, niche manufacturer that produces cold heading steel wire, which is used in the manufacture of precision parts. Maybe you have not heard of the wire, but it is used for everything, including automobiles to buildings, home electric appliances, and machines, in support of the social infrastructure.
Throughout our nearly 100-year history, we have continued to support people’s lives in unseen ways up to today, believing in the infinite potential of wire processing.
Providing constant quality through our proven technical capabilities
The steel industry is an old one, and thus the steel that we handle is an indistinct and simple material. However, in order to meet the changing needs of customers and keep up with the times, solid know-how and technological strength are indispensable. We promise you unchanged quality with the technology we have cultivated in our 100-year history.
Today, the world is in a state of drastic change that may destroy existing conventions. And it is precisely in this chaotic environment that we should determine our central core of support for the social infrastructure with a belief in the potential of steel.
Based on our 100-year history with renewable steel, we will keep our business of protecting the future by taking the initiative in the SDGs and reducing CO2 emissions.
Move forward as a team to the future
We value an organizational policy that respects diversity in order to meet this era of change. We believe that we can exert great power when employees make the most of their individualities and abilities, as well as respecting each other.
I feel that quite a few people may be unaware of their abilities and potential. However, everyone has a wonderful treasure that is unique to them. Therefore, we hope that our company will be a place where all employees can always challenge themselves and step forward together while valuing their own sensibilities and individualities.
Kazuta Oku