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Supporting people’s everyday lives through a belief in our potential.
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My name is Kazuta Oku, President of O&K Company.
We are a highly specialized, niche manufacturer that produces cold heading wire, which is used in the manufacture of screws, nuts, bolts, and other metal parts. We have 400 employees in Japan and another 200 employees overseas to produce wires necessary to make flexible, smooth, and round parts.
As a company that manufactures products less obvious from the point of view of consumers, many probably do not know our name. Nevertheless, believing in the infinite potential of wire manufacturing, we have continued to support people’s everyday lives from behind the scenes throughout our roughly 100-year history.
Aiming to be an environmentally-friendly company, we continue to quietly support safety in people’s everyday lives.
Much of our wire is machined into screws that are vital to various parts in a wide range of fields. A surprisingly large number of screws are used in a single car. These small screws, rarely given a second thought, stabilize larger components, ensure the necessary overall strength, and are vital for people’s safety. The far-ranging insights, deep knowledge, and technologies we have acquired over the years are necessary to make such screws. We always strive to fulfill our corporate responsibilities to society.
And like screws that can be loosened and used again and again, our wire can be 100% recycled as iron after its work is done. Sending wire out, having it come back, and sending it out again—this is how we have continued to create our products.
We continue our untiring efforts to be an environmentally-friendly company that continues to quietly support safety in people’s everyday lives.
Believing in the possibilities of wire, we continue to refine our abilities and what makes us unique.
The year 2025 will mark 100 years since our founding. The O&K team always remembers achievements from the past, takes on new challenges and uses knowledge and technological capabilities to create opportunities and constantly improve.
Our history began in 1925 when we discovered the infinite potential of wire to bind things.
We are moving down the same path, further refining our abilities and what makes us unique.
O&K wire bridges the changing times and continues to deliver wire that satisfies our customers.
Join us on this path.