Thinking of how to improve work efficiency

Annealing Team, Nagoya Plant 
Operator controlling furnaces
I am an operator who controls furnaces. Our team is responsible for slow cooling heat treatment (annealing) after the wire rods are maintained at high temperatures. This work is far-ranging, from working with cranes, loading and unloading wire rods, feeding them into furnaces, to facility and intermediate inspections.

I was inspired to join the company because my father worked for O&K, and I heard from him about how it was a good, stable company. His introduction inspired me to enter O&K.

To me, O&K is a friendly company where experienced employees taught me until I was capable of doing the work on my own. I also think O&K has well-equipped workplace facilities.
Placing importance on the fellowship.
At work, I value safety first, including pointing & calling and risk prevention. Besides, I also place importance on the feeling of fellowship with my colleagues, such as thinking of how to improve work efficiency, helping each other in the team, discussing problems when they emerge, and solving them through trial and error. Controlling furnaces (adjusting gas, and so on) is still tough for me.

The workplace is a friendly and peaceful place. But our department makes a clear distinction when it is time for serious work.

I have continued working here at O&K thanks to my father and my family. Also, those more experienced in the company who kindly offered me advice have helped support me.
O&K is a rewarding company that takes proper care of its employees. Join us to create an even better workplace and work environment and help O&K succeed further!