A company that acknowledges
employee's contribution

Wire Drawing Team, Nagoya Plant 
TANI SEIYASince 2015
Feeling confident in my work.
I work primarily on the wire drawing team. I also sometimes work on the acid pickling team. With the wire drawing team, wire is passed through a die and it is drawn with a wire drawing machine and made to the designated diameter. Different diameters are supported by different wire drawing machines. I am responsible for completing work within a determined time frame while paying careful attention so that the wire is not damaged.

I was inspired to join the company after listening to a close friend from middle school who joined the company before me. I became interested after hearing about their work.

To me, O&K is a great company and I feel the work is very rewarding.
Feeling rewarded when the company values my achievements.
Having my achievements acknowledged by the company is rewarding. I give my all to keep our production output.
In terms of the difficultly of the work, when handling acid pickling, it is difficult to manage the supply of wire rods for all wire drawing machines by myself and to estimate when to start. We also receive urgent orders, meaning balancing all of them is tough.

Wire drawing means working one-on-one with the machine, but achieving a large production output is very rewarding. During breaks, I talk with my colleagues and more experienced employees, and the workplace is a peaceful, friendly place. These breaks are enjoyable.
My colleagues and superiors support me. They also act as rivals in a positive sense, which motivates me. I strive to have fun while I work.
Being a unique industry, the work may be confusing or tough at first. But, if you remain patient, tasks that need to be done will come naturally to you.