Valuing a sense of accomplishment

Shipping Team, Osaka Plant 
A family-like, friendly company
I am part of the shipping team.
My primary work is shipping finished goods to customers. In addition to collecting and loading, I put an emphasis on visual inspections.

My mother worked at the former Kishiwada Plant, and that connection led me to enter O&K. I joined the company because it was close to my house, and I could take a day off for the Danjiri Matsuri festival (laughs).

When I joined O&K, it seemed like a family; a friendly, comfortable company where I felt at home.
Always challenging myself.
Shortening my work time, working faster—always challenging myself is what motivates me and what I place importance on in my work. I set my tasks for the day, and then work to complete them. I also value that sense of accomplishment.
A personal challenge for me is working on spark tests. This is an extremely difficult test for me, but I feel motivated and a sense of reward taking on this challenge without ever becoming disheartened.

The work environment has improved even more than before thanks to the many new hires who joined last year. I have noticed the amount of smiling and greeting during work has increased.
I look forward to seeing everyone who joined the company become fully independent.

I have continued working here at O&K because, despite various economic conditions such as the financial crisis of 2007–2008, the company has always had work for us. The absence of financial anxiety is a major factor.
There is no easy work. But hard work makes work easier.
O&K always acknowledges employee efforts.
I believe I can reach my full potential at O&K.
Why not come and join us?