Contributing to society with pride

Inspection Section, Osaka Plant 
A warm, friendly company
My job is the final inspection of finished goods. I work every day to make sure there are no defects and that the products satisfy customer specifications.

I was inspired to join the company after it caught my eyes on a recruiting site.
Our products are eventually used in various places, so there is pride in the work. I decided to join the company because I thought there was pride in contributing to society.

To me, O&K is a warm, friendly company. Personal and professional lives are separate at the company, and it offers an environment for employees to focus on both work and personal life.
Colleagues who look out for each other every day.
During work, I care most about my responsibility in performing final inspections. A mistake means problems for both the customer and our company, so I work to prevent that from occurring by thinking of myself as the last resort.
At first, it was difficult to maintain my concentration when inspecting hundreds of products a day. But now that I have become accustomed to the work, I have no problem staying focused. I plan to continue working toward various targets in the future.

In terms of the workplace environment and atmosphere, there are experienced employees who can offer relevant advice when I am unsure or worrying about decisions I have to make. It is a very friendly workplace where people can feel free to ask each other for help.

I have continued working here because, although my work involves taking responsibility every day and feeling a certain amount of pressure, I have colleagues who care about each other. I think having friendly colleagues is the most important thing when it comes to work.
Without any barriers between departments, it is easy for everyone to voice their own opinion. Everyone feels strongly about their work, and I think this workplace allows employees to grow every day.