Gaining new skills little by little every day

Annealing Team, Gunma Plant 
The desire to master work completely
I am responsible for annealing work. I am an operator controlling furnaces, as well as maintaining the machines.

In the past, I worked at a company that delivered rods, the base material, to O&K.
Therefore, although I lacked experience in the manufacturing industry, I knew about the culture at O&K. I had the desire to master work at the company, which led me to join the company.

Having actually joined O&K, I think it is a company with clear targets. What I accomplish here feels like milestones.
Gaining new experiences and new skills little by little every day.
I place the most importance on gaining new experiences and new skills little by little every day.
I am never satisfied with where I am and am always aiming to go higher. In addition, I aim to actively engage in the support of other plants, including those overseas.

In terms of the workplace environment and atmosphere, O&K ensures compliance, and employees can work on their own challenges such as obtaining qualifications.

I have continued working here at O&K because of the high-quality workplace, which has boosted my own confidence.
Even if you lack specialized skills, you will be fine if you are motivated.
Why not come and join us?