Valuing safe work

Wire Drawing Team, Gunma Plant 
The final process before customer deliveries
I am responsible for the final wire drawing. This is the final process before wires are delivered to customers, so careful attention is needed in terms of quality.
In addition, I also conduct patrols inside the plant as the Gunma Plant Safety Committee Chairman. We hold monthly health and safety meetings to improve the safety of the workplace.

I was inspired to join the company when I heard from an older friend from high school who worked for O&K. That interest led me to enter the company.

Although I am busy with a large workload, working for O&K is very rewarding for me.
Placing importance on safety during work.
I place the most importance on safety during work, and this is where I feel the most reward. I pay careful attention to whether myself and those around me are working safely.

O&K is a company where everyone helps each other and works together.
The work environment has improved even more than in the past.
As Safety Committee Chairman, I aim to make the work environment even more work-friendly by working together with the Plant Manager.

O&K is a stable company with few ups and downs, which is why I have been able to continue working here.
With many employees of my age, the company offers a friendly environment that feels like an extension of social activities. Why not join us?